Midwest Handmade

Artisan Fair Vendor Information

Midwest Handmade is hosting large, indoor, handmade only,

two day artisan fairs and one day artisan markets.

~This is a partially juried show- We are looking to make sure our sellers items are handmade, with a variety, and different styles within categories.  Makers of all skill levels and experience are welcome to apply. MLM's are NOT allowed.

~We use Square for invoicing if you want to pay by credit card. We only charge you if you are accepted.

~If you pay by check and are not accepted, your check will be returned to you.

~Please do not ask us to pre- approve you. We must have your application.

~To make sure all of our artists stand out, we will be setting a limit on the amount of vendors in each category.  

~We do not automatically reserve you space for the next year, nor will we promise the same booths.

~We will be trying to keep our shows as diverse as possible for the customers and artists benefit. It is imperative you do not wait to apply, even if you have been accepted to previous shows. You are not automatically guaranteed a spot even if you attended last year-Early bird gets the worm.

~We do accept monthly payments for booth fees- they are non refundable, and made via email invoice through Square. There is no extra charge for this- BUT all fees must be fully paid in full one month prior to the event.

~Your booth fee goes to paying for the venue, insurance, and advertising. The venues charge use anywhere from 2000-8000 depending on venue, mandatory event insurance 200-400, Plus advertising which we do not skimp on. We are volunteers and do not take profit from this at this time. Please share our events as much as you can to help them succeed.

~We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. We will not tolerate verbal abuse to ourselves or other vendors, or customers. Please be kind to everyone.

We will be heavily promoting these events. Promotion can vary per state.

Download your application below, or Email MidwestHandmade@yahoo.com

Application can be mailed or emailed. 

Shows in 2021

MN Artisan Fair
St Cloud MN
MAY 1-2nd 2021

SD Artisan Fair
Sioux Falls, SD
June 5-6th 2021

WI Artisan Fair

La Crosse, WI  

August 21st-22nd 2021

Has optional load in on Friday

Wisconsin Booth Information

10x10 $110

10x20 $210

Categories that are full: 

Jewelry, Bath and Body, Candles, Drinkware, Keychains, Woodworking, Signs. Doll Dresses, Ornaments


Other categories are open, however this is changing quickly.

Glass, Leather and Pottery/Ceramics, Paper Crafts have 1 space left each.

(Send app but not payment for wait list)

Please write Wait list on application.

Please note: A Wisconsin Tax ID is not required to participate in this event. However, we do recommend paying all city, state, and federal taxes related to selling your goods. You can register in WI here: 


Sartell MN Artisan Market

September 25th 2021

Sartell MN Pop Up Shop

Booth Information

10x10 $75

10x20 $135

Jewelry, Woodworking spots are sold out.