Midwest Handmade

Artisan Fair Vendor Information

Midwest Handmade is hosting large, indoor, handmade only, two day artisan fairs.

~Please note we will only be accepting so many artists from each category, and they will need to be different. ~This is a partially juried show- We are looking to make sure our sellers items are handmade, with a variety, and different styles within categories.  Makers of all skill levels and experience are welcome to apply.

~You are welcome to apply each year. 

~If you are not accepted, you will be promptly refunded or your check will be returned to you.

~Please do not ask us to pre- approve you. We must have your application.

~To make sure all of our artists stand out, we will be setting a limit on the amount of vendors in each category. Don't wait to apply, reserve your spot now! Especially those of you in more competitive categories. 

~We do not automatically reserve you space for the next year, nor will we promise the same booths.

~We will be trying to keep our shows as diverse as possible for the customers and artists benefit. It is imperative you do not wait to apply, even if you have been accepted to previous shows.

We will be heavily promoting these events via radio, print, social media, and other outlets when available such as event calendars, signage, tourism guides etc.

Download your application below, or Email MidwestHandmade@yahoo.com

Application can be emailed. We will send you an invoice via Square.

Shows in 2020

2nd Annual St Cloud, MN May 2nd-3rd 2020

Has load in Fri eve

Minnesota 2020 Booth Information

10x10 $160

8x10 $135

Jewelry & Bath and Body Products categories are full, accepting 2 wait list applications. (Send app but not payment for wait list)

Pottery 1 spot left.

Sioux Falls, SD June 6th-7th 2020

Has load in Fri eve

South Dakota Booth Information

10x10 $175

10x20 $340

Jewelry sold out- Accepting 2 wait list applications (send app, but no pymt)

1 spot left for Clothing

2 spots left for bath and body products


La Crosse, WI   August 22nd-23rd 2020

Has load in on Friday

Wisconsin Booth Information

10x10 $160

10x20 $320

2 spots left for Jewelry

1 spots left for Bath and Body

Midwest Handmade Facebook Feature

Makers, in order to be featured on our Facebook page Midwest Handmade  or our other regions, you must have an online shop, or a business Facebook page (not a group) with an album devoted to items for sale. For safety reasons, we cannot refer potential customers to your personal page. Group pages will be listed under the "follow" part of your feature, but do not count as an online shop. 

We have over 8000 average weekly engagement on our Facebook page. Our audience is 95% female between the ages of 20-55.

Occasionally we find artists we love so much, that we choose them- we will contact those artists.

Right now, features are free. Eventually there will be a small charge as these do take about 45 minutes each to prepare. As you can imagine with 6 regions that's a lot of hours of work, so please be patient.

Please email your responses for the following questions to MidwestHandmade@yahoo.com to be considered for a feature.

1.       Are your items handmade by you?

2.       Your first name.

3.       Business name

4.       Shop links or FB album link - (If only on Facebook, please make sure you have at least 1 album dedicated to current items for sale)

5.       All Social Media Links, actual links please not just @businessname

6.       Tell us about you and your business, how did you start, what do you love

7.       Show Schedule- FB event links are helpful

8.       Are your products found in any stores for wholesale or consignment? FB links helpful

9.   Will you be running any sales or promotions for your feature that you would like shared? (Not needed, some just like to do this)

10.   Are you willing to share your feature once it’s live? The more comments, likes, and shares your feature receives the more our viewers, and the people you share with will see it=better for you. You can play up this feature by saying things like “I’m so excited, I was featured by Midwest Handmade today!” This is actually really important thanks to Facebooks algorithm. We see a huge difference in the ones shared vs not.

11.   State and City you reside in