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We've have quite the whirlwind of activity going on for the last month in the office. Here is the updates on what we've been up to.

* We expanded Midwest Handmade to encompass all US regions. Each region now has it's own Facebook page. RockyMountainHandmade PacificNWHandmade SouthWestHandmade SouthEastHandmade NorthEastHandmadeRegion If you have maker friends or family in these regions we would love if you would share the page with them. We are not contacting artists to feature on these pages, but waiting for them to contact us.

*Our St Cloud show April 27th and 28th 2019 is now past deadline for applications. We have a wonderful variety of handmade artisans coming to this show. I am in awe of the talent I was seeing as I received the applications. Leighton Broadcasting has 2 radio stations coming out to the show on Saturday to do a live host. KCLD will be there from 10am-12pm and WILD Country will be there from 1-3pm. They will also give out some free station swag to attendees. We will have ads running on both stations. You can also look for our poster in the St. Cloud Times.

We have over 70 makers attending this show, a majority of which are from Minnesota. We do have 4 other Midwest state makers coming from Brocket, ND; Sioux Falls, SD; Pepin, WI; and Calumet, MI.

*Our July 27th and 28th Kalamazoo, Michigan show application deadline is May 15th. These deadlines are extremely important as we need to have final drafts for advertising, show brochures, and booth layouts for the venues in by certain dates. Please send in your application if you are planning to attend. We had a lot of makers contact us back in September for our April show who were interested and wanted to be pre approved. However, when they finally applied at deadline they were disappointed to find out that category was already full. We cannot hold your place without your application and payment. Our bag category is already full for MI. Jewelry and Bath and Body products are very close to full. We already have makers from Kansas and Minnesota that will be attending this show.

If you are from the Kzoo area, we'd love to hear from you on where you would like us to advertise.

*You asked for it, we heard you! We signed the lease for a show June 6-7th 2020 (Many venues book 1-2 years out) for Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There is also a large women's conference going on in the same convention center that has an average yearly attendance of 5000. This could help drive traffic for our event as well. Applications should be opening up March 15th 2019. For this show if you do not want to pay the full amount up from we will allow $50 NON REFUNDABLE early bird deposits with applications through June 1st 2019. However, the full payment must be received by September 1st 2019.

*Instead of including your credit card numbers in the applications we are moving to Square invoices sent to your email, and checks will still accepted.

*If you send in an application and do not receive either an email or phone call from us stating if you are accepted or not, within 2 weeks (if sent by mail) PLEASE contact us.

*We will start gearing up for our month long June giveaway soon. Please contact us at MidwestHandmade@yahoo.com if you want your business to participate. We do not charge to be part of the giveaway and handle all shipping to the winners. You get multiple shout outs during that month. We also have one in October.

*We are always looking for new makers to feature on Midwest Handmade, we have switched to a system of questions to help us speed up the feature process. It generally used to take us about 45-60 minutes to complete each feature. Now with the new system if the links are entered properly we can have them completed in closer to 30 mins, which gives me more time to be a mom. Features are still free, and you must have an online shop or 1 dedicated Facebook album to items currently for sale. Here are the questions we ask for the features:

1. Are your items handmade by you?

2. Your first name

3. Business name

4. Shop link or FB album link - (If only on Facebook, please make sure you have at least 1 album dedicated to current items for sale)

5. All Social Media Links not just @business name- but actual links please.

6. Tell us about you

7. Tell us about your business, how did you start, what do you love

8. Show Schedule- Event links can be helpful (it takes a really long time for us to find the event pages as many have similar names.)

9. Are your products found in any stores? Facebook page links helpful

10. Will you be running any sales or promotions for your feature that you would like shared? (Not needed, some just like to do this)

11. Are you willing to share your feature once it’s live? The more comments, likes, and shares your feature receives the more our viewers, and the people you share with will see it=better for you. I see a HUGE difference in the engagement when you share these vs when you don't.

12. State and City you reside in

13. Do you have any dates coming that you will not be available?

Thank you so much for your continued support of Midwest Handmade and all of our wonderful makers. The makers are what make this fun! Seeing your creativity, and passion for what you do is so inspiring. DO NOT GIVE UP- KEEP GOING!


MN Artisan Fair Makers

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