Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Phew! 2019 was quite the year! As we move into 2020 we have some exciting new updates for you. We've also made some changes to our services we offer which we will show you below..

Here is an update on our upcoming 2 day Artisan Fairs and our new 1 day Artisan Pop Up Shops:

Upcoming 2 day Artisan Fairs & 1 day Artisan Pop Up Shops: May 2-3rd Midwest Handmade's MN Artisan Fair 2020 at the River's Edge Convention Center June 6-7th Midwest Handmade's SD Artisan Fair 2020 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center July 3rd Annandale MN Artisan Pop Up Shop -PENDING August 1st Waterloo IA Artisan Pop Up Shop August 22-23rd Midwest Handmade's WI Artisan Fair 2020 at the La Crosse Center October 3rd St Cloud MN Artisan Pop Up Shop- PENDING

October 17th Union MO Artisan Pop Up Shop

For all applications please visit: www.MidwestHandmade.com/vendors

We are still putting final touches on the Artisan Fairs for the year.

Our Services:

***Artisan Pop Up Shops are smaller handmade only shows that are one day only with category limits in smaller venues- the goal of this is to help keep the cost down for smaller handmade business, or a starter show for someone who hasn't done a show yet.

The categories are extra limited because of the limited space. No artisan list brochures will be handed out. When possible we will allow food trucks at these events per locations permission.

***Artisan Fairs are our larger two day shows. These events have more advertising, over 50 booths* of handmade only goods. We also hand out a brochure at these events to customers with your business name and website information if you have any and where you are located at the show. We also put our show sponsor information on these.

At our fairs we aim to have things to draw in more people such as face painting, tarot readers, henna, make n takes, kids game areas, door prizes and concessions. These also have category limits and will depend on location as to how many in each category. Booth fees and dates may vary. Returning makers are not guaranteed same spots.

***Artisan Facebook Features are free for artisans who sell online. We feature up to 1 artisan on our Facebook page most days. We make a collage of your items with your business name logo and include a little about you and all your social media links and shop links.

Online sellers must have an online shop such as a standalone website or Etsy. If they sell from their Facebook business page they must have a photo album dedicated to items for sale with prices listed.

We need City/State, all social media links, retailers list if you have one, shows schedule if you have one, a small bio or about section (usually we pull these from your shop). We also need a copy of your business name logo.

For safety reasons we do not feature personal pages, and will not use last names unless it is part of your business name. We then schedule a date for your feature- it is important that your shop be open the week prior to your feature and the week after. Please do not schedule if you plan to close up shop for a vacation or show.


***Artisan Refeature are the same as the Artisan feature but are for those who have already been featured. A refeature costs $5 invoiced through Square and cannot be within 1 year of your previous feature.

***Monthly Giveaway- This is held on our Facebook page. You have the same layout as the feature but no collage of your items- just the item(s) in the giveaway. We must receive the items for the giveaway and payment before the 15th the month PRIOR to your giveaway. You must share your giveaway. Cost is $15 for the giveaway slot which covers one item. $5 each additional item. We do some targeted paid promotion on these, and take care of choosing and shipping to winners. We try to photograph and provide those photos to your as well.

***Website Artisan Ads will be here on our website. You must sell handmade goods for these prices. Ads will stay up for 1 year and must be family friendly. https://www.midwesthandmade.com/sponsors


Option 1: Typed Business Name & Link listed on sponsors page $10

Option 2: Small 2x2 inch logo with link listed on Sponsors page $15

Option 3: Medium 3x3 inch logo with link and typed business motto/info on sponsor page $20

Option 4: Large 5x5 inch logo with link and typed motto/info $25

Option 5: Any shape larger logo with attached link and typed small paragraph $30

Option 6: Main Page (www.MidwestHandmade.com) logo with link and small information typed. $50

***Basic Photo Editing You provide basic photo with black or white background, we edit and resize to Etsy standards. You will be billed after photos are edited in case we are unable to correct the ones you send. Edited photos will not be given until payment is made, however we will send proofs.


$5 per each item if mailed to us. You will receive 6 photos of each item. If you want them returned you must pay the return shipping. Otherwise they will be kept to giveaway as door prizes at our artisan fairs or you can combine with a monthly giveaway slot.

Bulk pricing is available.

***Business Sponsorships are available on our sponsorship page for non handmade business to sponsor our artisan fairs. https://www.midwesthandmade.com/become-a-sponsor

As always if you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. The best way to contact us is through our Facebook page or Email MidwestHandmade@yahoo.com

Thank you,

The Midwest Handmade Team

Christy, Ryan, Pickles, Sam

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